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Learn more about the Pakistan Agile Scrum Exchange and the founder, Zeshan

Welcome to PASE

PASE was established with one clear aim – to build a strong, productive, and supportive community of Agilists in Pakistan. Working with Agilists throughout the region, we arrange and deliver events, seminars, meet ups, and conferences, and also offer a range of training solutions and certifications that will allow countless organisations to embrace the benefits of Agile

The term ‘PASE’ has its origins in Bullfighting, referring to a manoeuver by a bullfighter using the capa or muleta to capture the attention of the bull and guide the course of its attack. This is somewhat reflective of the nature of the Pakistan Agile Scrum Exchange as we seek to use our knowledge and understanding of Agile and Scrum to capture the attention of organisations across Pakistan and help them use it to guide the course of its business activities.

So, whether you’re currently applying an Agile methodology or you’d like to find out more about how this approach can benefit your business, please get in touch or come along to one of our events, seminars, meet ups, or conferences in Pakistan.

Meet The Founder

PASE was founded by Zeshan Ilyas, a skilled, experienced, and passionate Agilist who has earned a strong reputation within the Agile community by actively participating in the global Agile gatherings and meetups. Zeshan firmly believes that making the decision to adopt Agile changed his life – challenging his approach to interaction and re-evaluating his approach to facilitating meetings.


Zeshan IlyasFounder

With over 17 years’ experience in Agile and Digital transformation projects, Zeshan specializes in Scrum, Kanban, and Agile Coaching.

With a firm focus on Agile and Scrum methodologies, Zeshan has worked within high profile organisations, including the Gulf International Bank, HSBC, Capgemini Financial Services, The Co-operative Bank, Esperto, Talk, Talk, and more.

Having worked within the Agile sector for many years, Zeshan identified a need for a community of Agilists in Pakistan, which would bring together professionals adopting an Agile or Scrum approach, help increase awareness of Agile, and also make Agile training and certification more accessible in Pakistan.

Passionate about the benefits of Agile and Scrum, Zeshan established PASE in order to support, assist, and inspire other Agilites across Pakistan


Khurram BhattiCo-Founder

Khurram helps organizations with planting and growing people to create innovative products in the cultural garden.

The natural substances added to the soil to increase its fertility are Agile Coaching, Facilitation, and pieces of training. He prepares the substances by mixing up Agile mindset, Agile Principles, and Scrum values.

His philosophy, to build innovative software products, there is a need to focus and allocate time for building Team(s) as well.

Khurram thinks that It is the Psychological, not the Physical distance - that makes a team effective.

He blogs at www.khurrambhatti.com


Nauman Majeed Advisory board member

Nauman Majeed is operating in ICT sector over the last three decades with hands on experience to transform any organization into an IT Enabled Organization where all business processes are automated in an integrated Systems environment based on SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite & other Applications. Nauman has been practicing his skills in various industries covering Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Textile, ISP, Tyre & Rubber Manufacturing, and Cement industries. Apart from private sector Nauman has served as an ICT leader with MNCs, USAID, World Bank and Government. Nauman has successfully delivered SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, eCommerce, ISP and various other ICT projects in Pakistan, Singapore & US. During the last two decades Nauman successfully headed ICT Department of well reputed organizations like Descon, Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group, USAID’s Private Sector Power Project, PPIB, CSD and converted these organizations into efficient IT enabled enterprises. Nauman has developed unique expertise in Organizational Change Management processes to ensure successful implementation of Software Solutions that hit every part of an organization making people to change the way they work and operate. Nauman Majeed, serving as CIO, has successfully delivered complex IT Projects covering Organizational Change Management and Efficiency Improvement with technology & automation including ERP Implementation Programs.